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Pre-Insulated Pipe

Pre-Insulated Pipe

Pre-insulated pipes have an isolation life of 30 years at 120-140℃ constant operation temperature with manufacture conforming TS EN 253 standard, 50 years at 115℃, more than 50 years at temperatures under 115℃.

Welded pipe (ERW), and spiral welded steel pipe (SAW) are produced in accordance with the EN 10217.1 standard. Steel drawn pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, polyethylene pipe (HDPE100), PPR, PPR-C, CTP (glass fiber supported polyester pipe) and CTE (glass fiber supported epoxy pipe) are produced in accordance with the EN 10216.1 standard. Aforementioned types of pipes can be used as a service pipe.

PE100 casing pipe is used as cover (UV compounded, black, high density, polyethylene, density › 940 kg/m3). The specifications and sizes of high density weldless polyethylene pipes conform the TS EN 253 norm. Due to the corona operation the casing does not separate from the pipe and permanent connections are being guaranteed with PUR rigid foam.

Isolation material is polyurethane. Polyurethane rigid (solid) foam includes compound A (poliol) and compound B (isocyanate). It can be continuously processed with heat conductivity 0.0274 W/(mK) or 0.0275 W/(mK), as per TS EN 253 foam density at least 60 kg/m3, fluid at various temperatures up to 120℃ and the peak temperature of fluid can increase to 140℃ from time to time. Heat conductivity coefficient remains constant during the isolation life (min. 30 years). The heat loss is nearly none and the operation cost is fixed during the isolation life. Its assembly is easy and it’s saved from time and workmanship; it minimizes workmanship faults. Gallery is not required; it is buried in ground.

Extension elements (compensator) either not used or minimized due to the furnishing technique. Regarding over console applications within gallery no heat foams compose as the bearers are applied on the external casing. Service pipe and cover pipe can be selected of different materials as per the project. Pipe lengths can be manufactures as 6-8-12 mt as per diameter. Production can be made as having an observation wire conforming the leakage observation system.


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